Security refers to the means – human, technical and organizational – of prevention and intervention against accidental risks.

These may be technical, physical, chemical, biological or environmental risks, but their origin is always unintentional.


  • SANITARY SECURITY refers to processes, methods and preventive and regulatory measures aimed at reducing chemical and biological risks, particularly the risks of diffusion of chemical substances or diffusion and transmission of pathogens in the human population, in livestock, in crops or in the wilderness. 
  • HEALTH SAFETY therefore includes surveillance, precautionary and control measures. 

Our interventions:

Judicial & extra-judicial expertise, technical assistance to parties: 

  • Building pollutants
  • Civilian sub-nuclear environment

Prevention of health risks:

  • AMDEC audit
  • Vulnerability analysis 
  • Identification and assessment of risks
  • Identification, reinforcement of barrier measures
  • Feasibility study for securing buildings and premises
  • Protection of vital resources
  • Identification of potential contamination vectors
  • Sampling, analysis, characterization (water, aerosols, surfaces)
  • Determination of preventive and curative measures
  • Crisis management support
  • Evaluation, proposals for perennial barriers.

Prevention of biological risks at work 

Exposure to epidemic agents at work:

  • Regulatory compliance audit 
  • Risk Assessments
  • Measures and means of prevention
  • Information / training of workers
  • Compliance O.R 
  • AMDEC PCA / DHS (Degraded Health Situation) evaluation
  • Health protocols
  • Prevention plan, biosafety component
  • Animation, control

Analysis and sampling:

Anatox has internal resources for sampling and analysis:

  • Air & spaces:
  • Aerosol sampling and analysis:
    • Analysis and quantification of chemical compounds; 
    • Analysis and quantification of organic compounds;
    • Identification and quantification of biological agents.
  • Sampling and analysis of particulate loads
  • Air ionization: quantification / qualification
  • Non-ionizing radiation
  • Lighting
  • Water and hydraulic installations
  • Sampling and analysis of physicochemical parameters
  • Sampling and microbiological analysis:
    • Detection and analysis by fluorescence of bacteria, spores, viral, cellular and protein toxins.
  • QUALITY ASSESSMENT / HVAC VETUSTE (Technical installations heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sanitary water networks):
  • Judicial and extrajudicial expertise; technical assistance to parties:
  • Failures, search for causes (design, compliance & maintenance of installations);
  • Evaluation of the disorders.
  • Assessment of the obsolescence and probable service life of water systems (EVREST™ protocol, Assessment of the obsolescence of sanitary and technical water networks) :
  • Non-destructive testing of metal thicknesses;
  • Measurement of the corrosion rate of metals at the conditions of use by electrochemical measurement (method by linear polarization, chrono potentiometry, …)
  • Identification and quantification of oxidation products and deposits;
  • Identification and quantification by spectrometry of the charges contained in water;
  • Identification and quantification of microbial – specific corrosion

Decontamination / disinfection of closed spaces:

  • Air by plasma process and or filtration
  • Viral aerosols
  • Bacteria, yeast, fungi 
  • Air and surfaces by DSVA process
  • Yeasts, molds, bacteria
  • Viral aerosols, fomites
  • Sanitary water by chemical or electrochemical process
  • Chemical toxins, Legionella, Pseudomonas and other pathogens
  • Parasitic disinfection by DSVA process.